Drinking Wine with Liver disease and Jaundice

Cannot Stop alcohol with ascites

Liver disease but can't stop drinking? Painful swollen liver
Liver disease is more common than you might think. These days many of us have an enlarged swollen liver giving pain on the right hand side. With alcohol in supermarkets being relatively affordable more people are drinking more alcohol. You don't always have symptoms of jaundice and cirrhosis to have liver disease. The Liver Site exists only because we have a unique approach to help you if you are still drinking, even though you know you already have liver disease.

If you have tried everything to stop drinking, if your doctor has told you to stop drinking then we are here to show you a way through without stopping drinking alcohol.

This site is for people who are unable to stop drinking, even after their Doctor has advised them to do so. If you cannot stop and have liver cirrhosis or an enlarged or inflamed liver we can help. If you want to continue drinking alcohol to the key point when one more drink will mean a start to the processes of liver failure we are here for you.

We are not here to help you if you have not yet tried to stop drinking. We advise consulting your Doctor first. there is medication and support that can be helpful. But if you cannot or will not stop drinking please do use the info in The Liver site. Our Blog will give you an insight into liver failure: Dying from liver failure with jaundice and an enlarged liver blog

Many folks know they should not drink, but have tried and tried again and still failed to stop. This is often despite help from family friends and medical intervention.

We believe it is important you know what will happen as your health starts to deteriorate and the actions you can take to survive and still drink.

We all wish we could drink forever, it seems some lucky people can! But in truth most of us want to be able to drink alcohol, whether it's beer, wine or your favourite spirit, until the time we have to stop. The only problem is knowing when the Stopping Point is.

Chronic liver disease is nearly always seen first as liver cirrhosis, this is the time that scarring appears within the liver organ, when healthy liver cells are damaged and change into new tissue in the form of bands of scarring. This scarring occurs without pain and usually continues to progress , sometimes even when drinking alcohol ceases.

Have you ever noticed how much
most people look forward to drinking

When there is a BBQ or a wedding
celebration or any party, it is often the
drinking of alcohol that we all look forward to.

If the host of the party or wedding announces
a day before the event:
the numbers attending simply drop off.

Ever noticed that when the weekend nears everyone seems happier and looking forward to something. Yeah you thought it was just the 2 days off!
Wrong it's the drink that makes us like the break. In factories and offices across the world the mood changes to one of joy and anticipation for the weekend, but really it is the chance to relax in drinking that cheers us all up. We all know many people that are able to drink like a fish forever and some that can't.

When it comes down to the end, what most heavy drinks want is to be able to keep on drinking as long as they can and hope that they can stop right at the last moment without any long term disease or condition.

Jaundice is always one of the main warning signs and usually you'll recover enough to lead a normal life again as long as you stop alcohol as soon as your first jaundice appears. Leaving it a week or two and continuing to drink will cause damage that is classed as chronic, that will if you live, affect your life quality forever.

Jaundice has two forms, and this can confuse many doctors. There is onset jaundice from liver condition like Hepatitis A, B, C. This occurs when when the liver becomes enlarged quickly and presses on the bile duct causing diffusion of bile into the bloodstream giving a quick banana yellow effect look to the skin and eyes.

This type of jaundice although looking serious usually disappears in 2 - 3 weeks as the enlarged liver deals with the initial invasion of the virus and returns to its usual size. The bile duct opens again and the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder returns.

The second and more serious onset of jaundice is what should be recognized as deadly and is a sure sign of the beginning of End Stage Liver Disease. The liver is already heavily scarred and much smaller and harder. The organ now only just carries out its basic functions for survival. These often don't include clearing the blood of everyday toxins that occur during digestion or any poisons entering the body. The liver also supplies the body with heat.

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Drinking with a swollen painful liver